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Dec 2013 Press Release:

NWC, Inc., annouces it is formely looking for independant recruiters to expand its current base of over 1,000 dealers.  

"Anyone who has the ability to introduce quality dealers to our network, whether independant retailers or E-tailers or EBayers, we are interested in hearing from you and designing a mutually beneficial program in which you can receive a generous upfront referral commission for each introduction", stated James Polino, CEO in a company press release. 

For further information on this new referral program and to discuss potential payouts, please contact the company using thecontact form here.

Dec 2012 Press Release:

NWC, Inc., announces the creation of its business development division. 

"Over the past few years we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of other companies who have expressed an interest in working with us in some capacity" stated James Polino, CEO in a company press release. 

The opportunities to partner and work with these other companies present both an opportunity and a challenge. Some of the industries we have identified as suitable partnering ventures are Manufacturers, Finance, Leasing, Web Marketing, Hosting, E-commerce, and Merchant Account providers.

Many of these companies are looking to bring their products and solutions to the more than 3,000 new leads a month and over 50,000 established accounts that are part of the NWC, Inc family of customers. 

The development of this new division is expected to streamline the process in which each opportunity is analyzed, and the benefits to both the company and its customers are carefully looked at.  In the cases where a good match is perceived, the business development division will be responsible for integrating and developing the opportunity into a working model. 

Anyone who is interested in learning more about this opportunity, or believes they or their company are a good match for some kind of partnering program with NWC, Inc., should send a detailed letter of introduction to outlining their proposal and providing contact information. 


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